October 11

Kinship as Critical Method

What do we gain by considering power arrangements, inequality, displacement, and dispossession from the perspective of kinship? How might investigations of relations offer a method of critique, one that takes us toward varied, creative, and contradictory strategies of finding, forming, building, breaking, regulating, and resisting relations, and from there into the grammars and violences of social orders? This event considers the ways investigations of kinship are a form of critique, and the possibilities inherent in pursuing kinship itself as a practice of critical engagement. At the crux of a tension between the observation that kinship might be ruptured by systems of power while itself serving as a structure of order and constraint, we will ask how lives are lived with, through, in, and against the bonds of kinship, forming relations in sites of refusal and reproducing and re-imagining systems of meaning.

Coolidge Room, Ballou Hall, Tufts University, 9:00-4:30
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Danuta Forbes

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November 15

Writing Family, Reconstructing Lives

This symposium will open up a conversation about the past, present, and future of family history and kinship as historical methodology. It will feature historians who have approached family, kinship, and genealogy in innovative ways, and scholars who have engaged their own familial pasts, especially within the context of the history of the U.S. and the African diaspora.

Alumnae Lounge, Aidekman Arts Center, Tufts University
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February 2020

Family Separation, Then and Now

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April 2020

Futures of Family, Family Futures

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